Who has the duty to pay taxes,

also has the right to save taxes.

We are tax specialists with many years of professional experience in German and international tax law and offer the entire spectrum of tax support; from joint tax planning and tax advice to the preparation of tax returns and representation before the tax authorities. In addition, of course, we also assist with applications and opposition proceedings.


For years, quality, experience and commitment have formed the basis for successful, trusting, personal as well as individual advice and support.

Our concern as a citizens' initiative is the active clarification of the multitude of tax possibilities, so that these can be optimally used by all citizens. In this way, we want to contribute to a fairer distribution of the tax burden. We do not pursue the purpose of making a profit, but are geared purely to covering costs. This is the only way to ensure that really every taxpayer can afford competent advice. Our association is party-politically independent and offers its readiness for a constructive dispute regarding the social and economic requirements of our country, all parties and social groups and organizations. At the same time, we attach great importance to transparency, as we do not act as an economic business. That is why we subject ourselves to a business audit every year. In particular, the following matters are subject to review: Appropriateness of salaries and remuneration, compliance with the cost recovery principle, level of membership fees, number of members, audit of management and observance of deadlines. In addition, a general meeting is held at least once a year to report on and vote on important processes within the association. In addition, we are subject to the supervision of the Senate Administration for Finance in Berlin. As a result, our activities remain comprehensible and conclusive for every member.

According to § 4 No. 11 StBerG, our services can only be claimed within the framework of membership if income from employment (wages, salary), other income from recurring payments (e.g. pensions), income from maintenance payments, income from capital assets (e.g. interest), income from renting and leasing and / or income from private sales transactions (speculative transactions) are achieved. However, it should be noted that the income from capital assets, letting and leasing as well as private sales transactions may not exceed a total of EUR 13,000 for single persons or EUR 26,000 for spouses.


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As a competent partner, we draw attention to financial advantages that are often unknown. Our consultants are always available for this purpose. The support is provided exclusively by selected specialists with many years of professional experience. You are welcome to make an appointment directly with our specialists.


We prepare tax returns including all annexes and applications.

We adapt our advice to your personal circumstances, make use of all tax saving possibilities and thus achieve maximum reimbursement.

In addition, we take care of the entire process with the tax authorities.


We represent our members personally and individually vis-à-vis the tax authorities within the scope of the fiscal power of attorney.

In addition to advice and the

preparation of tax returns,

this also includes the formal and timely filing of applications and objections and representation before tax courts.

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